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Hi, I'm Praveen Web designer & Developer creating websites for web designers

Welcome to Ogopogo LABS - the portfolio site of Praveen M.S, a Web/UI/UX designer and developer based in India. I have been around for 12 years creating wonderful stuffs on the web for top brands and agencies. I always keep myself updated with the latest design trends and continuously push the limits for the next design. I believe in original hand crafted designs and code. If you think that is old school, think again. Because there is a difference between 'DESIGNED' and 'WELL DESIGNED'...

80+ successful e-commerce projects


I am a Web/UI/UX designer and developer with over 10 years of experience. The majority of my clients are in the US, UK and Australia. My expertise lies in creating user-friendly websites, interfaces, mobile apps, email templates & logos for both big and small businesses . I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the huge brands out there. I have also been a trusted designer for some of the most famous digital design agencies across these countries.

I am committed to provide cutting-edge solutions to clients with user-centric approaches while maintaining the highest quality standards. I am also supported by an experienced team of domain experts who use latest technology, comprehensive processes and tools to develop rich applications and designs for our clients. We pay special attention to understand the needs of our clients so that we can deliver a unique product that increases your conversion rate and improves your ROI.

I Love
I Hate
my family
Chinese food
Call of Duty
movies with VFX
time with friends
Lord of the Rings
zombie movies
Marvel comics
Hugh Jackman
T Shirts
Street food
traffic jams
beer from glass
squishy grapes
Low Battery
being lied to
bad drivers
slow internet
soap operas
Rude people
Getting up early

My Clients

Over these years I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the huge brands and agencies out there. Majority of my clients spread across US, UK and Australia.

  • 3m
  • Arsenal
  • damas
  • nike
  • Emirates
  • Betts
  • Call Handling
  • David & Goliath
  • Dell
  • My Raising


I create user friendly websites, interfaces, CMS Systems, e-commerce solutions, mobile apps, email templates & logos for both big and small businesses. I have also been the trusted designer and developer for some of the famous digital agencies across US, UK & Australia.

  • Websites & Mobile Apps

  • Magento, E-commerce & CMS

  • social media marketing

  • branding & graphic designing

The process

I have made the project process a standard for me and my team to deliver what the client is expecting and more.

  • 1. discuss

  • 2. research

  • 3. concepts

  • 4. revise

  • 5. build

  • 6. deliver

  • 7. launch

Contact Details

Cell: +91-9846006444

Email: ogopogolabs@gmail.com

Skype: ogopogolabs